Holy Living in a Sinful World

In both Old and New testament scritoures, the Lord God Almighty clearly stated that “he is holy, therefore all His chiosen peole, followers of Jesus Christ, and Belivers, must be holy in all our conduct” (Lev.11:45, 1 Peter 1:15-16).To be holy in the Greek translation “hagios” means “to be set apart unto God”, “to be separted from secular unto sacred purpose”, :tobe sanctified and consecrated unto deivine and undefilled usage”. To e dedicated to clean and purity of life.

“ Brethren, our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ used His blood topurchase Us for God (Act. 20:28), so that we may live for Him aloe, trusting and obeying Him not minding that we may live in this sinful world. His purposeĀ  for graciuosuly giving us salvation is to make us His chosen people, who although in the world, do not live like or follow the systemsof the world and satan. As belivers, we must desire, decide and determined to do, here and now (on this planet earth)His will asit is done in haaven. We must uphold the principles and values of Godliness and righteousness in all our dealings. We must yield completely to the control, leading and guidance of the holy Spirit of god in all aspects of our Lives. This is the true meaning of living holy in a sinful world, epecially as we continue to await the second coming Jesus Christ - Maranatha.
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