Be Aware of the Enemies Tricks

A believers/followers of Jesus Christ, we are continually warned and must be aware that Satan, Devil and Demons are our enemies. The enemy deploy different tricks some of which are asking questions, bringing suggestions, stirring confusions, sponsoring deceptions, intimations, infestations, obsessions, limitations, frustrations and castigations etc. The enemy agenda is to steal, cheat, deceive, kill and destroy the victim. Their ultimate goal is to make a Christian doubt God, become deceived, deviate and drop the faith of the gospel once received. The enemies tricks are meant to get a Christian discouraged and begin to disobey God’s Way (Holy Spirit guidance). We must endavour to continue in watching and praying, be careful, faithful and fruitful. We must not give any opportunity for the ENEMIES TRICKS. We must endavour to always submit to God totally and resist the enemy. Jesus Christ has defeated, disarmed, disgraced, dethroned and disorganize Satan and all the Cohorts. Jesus Christ has overcome for us Christian and handed over the victory over to us to enjoy and reign with Him over all the enemies. Please lets engage and deploy the victory we have in Jesus Christ and overcome all the TRICKS OF THE ENEMIES. We are more than conquerors in Jesus Christ, we have overcome, we are triumphant and victory over the enemies is our inheritance from God Almighty, let learn to always maximize, capitalize and effectively utilize the victory we obtained through Jesus Christ our Lord and Messiah.

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