Notice for the Week

1. Prayer Points for the Week: Pray for the following:

a. Pray for Peace, Security of life/properties of people in the South Eastern Nigeria

b. Pray for the President/Presidency that Godly wisdom shall prevail in the government

c. Pray that parishioners continually heed and follow God’s guidance in all their decisions.

d. Pray that God bless every member of our Church this year 2022.

e. Pray that more revival be experienced in All Saints’ Church this year 2022

2. One Month Fasting & Prayers has started since 1st of January 2022. We meet daily 5-7pm at Church Auditorium. Don’t miss this season of miracle and blessings from God

3. 2022 Women Rededication Retreat: Days: Friday 28th and Saturday 29th January 2022 Venue: All Saints’ Church G.R.A. Time: 8:30AM Daily Uniform: Mary Sumner or any other Diocesan uniform except Mothers Union and Women Guild. Sunday 30th January 2022 is Rededication Thanksgiving Venue: Cathedral Church of the Good Shepherd Time: 9:30Am

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