Notice for the Week

1. 2021 Beginning of the Year: Thirty One Days Fasting and Prayers started from Friday 1st January 2021, we usually meet at 5pm daily to close our fasting. Please join in the prayers.

2. Prayer Points for the Week: Pray for the following:
a. More growth in the knowledge of God’s word, grace and intimate/cordial walk with the Holy Spirit by all parishioners and members this year.
b. More love, unity and understanding among the brethren and in all our families.
c. Against sudden/mysterious deaths and many burials this year
d. Blessings of open doors, prosperity, progress and promotions.

3. Annual Women Re-dedication Retreat/Thanksgiving: Will hold on Saturday 30th Jan. 2021 at All Saints’ Church, G.R.A by 8am with Holy Communion Service. Uniform is Mary Sumner on Saturday, then on Sunday 31st Jan. 2021 all the women will worship at the Cathedral for the annual re-dedication thanksgiving. Uniform is white attire with blue or green scarf.

4. C.M.F Zone 2 Monthly Fellowship: Will hold on Thursday 4th February 2021 at the residence of Bro. & Sis. Eze Magulike - West Road 9 No. 16, Trans-Ekulu, Enugu . Time is 5pm, new members from Trans-Ekulu and Abakpa will be registered.


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