Notice for the Week

1. Church Membership: The Church wishes to take this opportunity to remind worshippers that membership of the church is recognize y the evidence of a person’s name found in either the Tithe or Freewill Offering Registers, and the person regularly contributing towards the mission work of the church through any of the above media

2. Education Trust Fund: a. Education Trust Fund receipt is now ready. Adult N1000. Students- N2000. Help sustain our mission schools. B. Support Paul University, Awka prayerfully and financially.

3. Calvary greetings in Jesus name. Sequel to the proposed restructuring of the chapter and the need to patronize and encourage livelihood of members in this challenging period of the nation. Kindly use this link to update bio data to our database.

4. If you have never submitted or heard your name on the weekly family prayer list, please kindly indicate through the Guild of Stewards or the Priest.

5 . House Keeper and Driver needed. Interested persons should apply in person at the church office.

6. Great Commission Movement comes for Thanksgiving and Rededication at 10am service

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