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1st Holy Communion (English) 7.00AM
Girls Guild Meeting 4.00PM
Even-Song (Victory Hour) 5.30PM
2nd Holy Communion Service (Youth Sunday) 7.00AM
Welfare Sunday  
Testimony & Prayer Service (Youth Sunday) 10.00AM
Even-Song (Victory Hour) 5.30PM
3rd General Bible Study Service 7.00AM
General Bible Study Service 10.00AM
Even-Song (Victory Hour) 5.30PM
4th Martin Service: Thanksgiving & Testimony Sunday 8.30AM
(Anniversary Sunday)  
Even-Song (Victory Hour) 5.30PM
5th Holy Communion (English) 7.00AM
  Martin Service 10.00AM
Even-Song (Victory Hour) 5.30PM
EFAC Fellowship 5.00PM
Zone 1, 2 & 3 Meeting (1st Mondays) 5.00PM
PCC Meeting (2nd Monday) 5.00PM
Counselling/Special Prayer 10AM-2PM
A.Y.F Meeting 4.00PM
Women General Meeting (2nd Tuesday) 5.00PM
Mother's Union/Women Guild (4th Tuesday) 5.00PM
Zonal Women Meeting (3rd Tueday) 5.00PM
Early Morning Holy Communion 6.30AM
Mid Week (Hour of Hope) Morning 9.30AM
Mid Week (Hour of Hope) Evening 5-7PM
Counselling/Special Prayer 10-2.30 PM
Prayer Team 5.00PM
Gospel Band 6.00PM
Boys and Girls Brigade 4.00PM
Girls Guild Meeting 4.00PM
Bible Study and Fellow-up (EFAC) 5.00PM
Friday Class 5.00PM
Baptism Counsellimg 5.00PM
Choir Practice 6.00PM
Youth Fellowship .A.Y.F. Meeting 4.00PM
Couple Fellowship 5.00PM
Boys and Girls Brigade Practice 4.00PM
Bible Study Preparation Class 5.00PM
Confirmation Class 5.00PM